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I'm bad with titles

Hey I'm new here, my name is Lex please be gentle :)

Bleak and unwanted misgivings,
Tangled in the etheral web of deciet,
Circling slowly,
Beating back rebelious symety.
Icicles forming,
Shattering under heartfelt abandon,
Screaming out for something more meaningful,
Imaginary friends depart the scene of the crime.
Feather like gesticulations,
Pointing out the cracks in your decomposing normality.
And somewhere above the clouds,
Your sanity laughs in helpless hysteria.
Grazing the damp pasture of the rest of our lives,
Sleepless nights spent in drunken stuporm
The unpredictablitly of formality,
Claims the blinding silences.
And for one shifting moment,
You are at peace,
Dazzled but the glimmering colours,
Of a new begining.
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