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Untitled and full of tears.....

I have lost my family, There is nothing I can do,
Now they are all gone and I am now alone,
No one in the world I can come to,
Yes, I am afraid, and I am scared,
Somewhere tonight,
I am wishing I could come to a lady's arms,
And know she truly cared,
I am alone now like so many I have never seen,
I have lost my family, and I have no friends,
So, please let me rest in peace,
My will to live is gone because I have done so much wrong,
They have left me and chosen the world over me,
Now where do I belong,
I cried night after night because I was alone,
Now I am more than ever,
The number of tears has even grown,
I dont know what to think, I dont know where to go,
Roaches crawl across a counter full of poverty,
This is where I live, I guess it's home,
No food, No love, Just darkness in the air,
If you saw my home, Would you cry,
Or would you hug me and take me away and show me that you care,
If I could leave, which I never will until I die,
I'd beg a new family to show me love,
My father never did even when I'd cry,
I want a family that would lead me right to GOD,
Never be afraid to ask me what hurts and what is wrong,
I would rather die because this will never happen to me,
If you read this and dropped a tear,
U are my friend, but I dont want to live anymore,
U cant see my pain, But I wish you could,
I'm so saddened now and That family never understood.....

I wanted to ask you all if you would help me find a better family that would love me and treat me like a son and not something you got when 2 people didnt wear a condom. If you know someone, please help me because I am asking from the bottom of my heart...

Here is a picture of me....

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