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A new one for the day by Me........

Does anyone understand how much pain causes one single tear,
Just one, followed by another, and another,
Next you know, It's raining,
But like none you have ever seen,
U all laugh at me and make your jokes,
But you dont even know me,
All through school you pushed me around,
Now that I am bigger, Who is pushing now,
Not me because I want to LOVE,
I want to be a better person,
Many have seen my picture and the curves in my face,
But they never ask what hurts me, They dont care,
They just act like they do,
But when their friends come around,
It all changes, They dont know who you are or what you want,
Cowards like my OWN father, who do nothing but front,
My family is gone and I hope I die,
Because no one cares about me and I dont know why,
I was bad and I did wrong but who hasnt,
If I give you a stone, Would you throw it,
Or would you catch on and put it back on the ground,
U are no better than me, U have done wrong,
But this is about me, a person so alone,
I'd give away all I had to just DIE and rest in Peace......
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