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Flowetic - Like verbal orgasms
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Welcome to the Flowetic Poetry Community. This is an open community so feel free to post your poems. Please do not post harassment in your feedback to users or you will be banned from the community.

Feel free to post any feedback on any poetry listed since we all grow from input. All users love to hear constructive criticism on their work, since most work reflects from the soul.

If at any time you would like to contact the admin please email me at breathe@usadatanet.net OR leave a comment in my personal LiveJournal dramaticlegend

Flowetic - n. The art of verbally composing expressive verses, lyrics and or flows. (slang)

Poem - n. Verse composition. Poe-tic, Poe-ti-cal, a. Poe-ti-cal-ly, adv.

Poet - n. One who writes poetry, expressive artist.

Poetry - n. The art of writing poems, poetic works.

Moderators: dramaticlegend (more to be determind)

RULES: PLEASE keep your comments on others work constructive, we do not want you hear rude and childish comments, if you don't have something nice to say about the poetry, then don't comment on it. You WILL be banned from this community if you think you can come here and start problems with our poets.